Assists in managing pain and improving mobility, flexibility and performance to get you feeling your best

Physiotherapy services include:

  • An assessment in which we 1) take a history of your symptoms 2) put you through movements and tests to see how your body moves 3) provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan geared towards your goals
  • Treatments that include a combination of 1) pain modalities such as acupuncture, ultrasound, electrical stimulation 2) muscle release techniques such as dry needling and cupping 3) exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility
  • Fascial Stretch Treatment (FST) which is a hands-on, 1 on 1 treatment in which we stretch your stiff and tight muscles and joints to get you feeling loose and limber

Massage Therapy

Hands-on treatment to help reduce your stress and muscle tension, increase relaxation and circulation and alleviate muscle and joint pain

Massage Therapy services include:

  • Traditional Deep Tissue or Relaxation
  • Hot Stone – the ultimate relaxation massage in which warm stones are used in combination with massage techniques to melt the tension right out of your muscles
  • Indian Scalp – massage treatment focused strictly on your head, neck and face for those who experience jaw pain, teeth-clenching and headaches
  • Pregnancy Massage – soothe those sore neck, shoulder and back muscles with a supportive pillow that allows you to lay on your stomach
  • Reflexology – massage treatment with paraffin wax that is focused on your feet to improve circulation

Custom Orthotics

Custom made insoles placed inside your shoes to reduce pain in your feet or pain caused by your feet

Custom orthotics services include:

  • An assessment in which we 1) take a detailed history of your symptoms 2) put you through a biomechanical and gait examination to see how your feet and ankle move and 3)take an impression of your feet to make the orthotics to
  • A pick-up appointment in which we fit the orthotics to your shoes and provide you with all paperwork to submit to your insurance provider

Nursing Services

Nursing Services:

  • Foot and Wound Care – nail care, corns, callouses, ingrown toe nails, diabetic foot care, post surgical wound care
  • Onyfix Ingrown Nail – non-invasive medical device for treating ingrown toe nails
  • Compression Socks – medical socks for those who suffer with varicose veins, poor circulation and leg swelling

Not sure what service is right for you?

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